I'm working on a Q&A / AskMeAnything that I will publish as an article or... as a podcast if I get a lot of questions!!
My crypto journey started in late 2012 when I encountered Bitcoin on the Internet while reading about the free banking system for my high school…
The story of entrepreneurs who thought they were selling water in the desert and learned later that they were selling sand... like everyone else!
The story of startup guys who thought were riding a unicorn only to learn, later on, that they were riding a pig.
The best way to compete with the social networks oligopoly is to put our public information onchain with NFTs to create a public social graph.
Imagine a world in which we all log in with our crypto wallets. Websites retrieve on-chain data to personalize our browsing experience. NFTs represent…
Billion Dollar Failure - Sustaining vs Disruptive Innovation - Power Law - Culture
Advisory Position - Compensation Benchmark - New Category - Information Business
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