A few ideas :)

Has WW3 already started?

Would you start a business you're passionate about if you knew early on it's not defensible in the long run?

If no one can beat the market, why do hedge funds exist?

Are AI startups features or products? Can they build moats? Can they survive as stand-alone companies in the long run or do they aim (consciously or not) to be acquired?

How to find a cofounder?

What's the ideal number of cofounders?

Given what you wrote about crypto & web3, what's your stance on Bitcoin?

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Oct 16, 2022Liked by Nicolas Bustamante

• How to make sure your startup has memory? ie. when you went through a crisis, how to make sure you don’t run into the same one a few months after given high speed (so usually few processes) and turnover of employees.

• How to prepare for year-end reviews?

• How to create a clear marketing strategy and roadmap when you have multiple products, multiple markets, multiple segments and where product roadmap is defined by the Product team (so you’re always running after the Product team and have no say on Product roadmap)?

• How to find the right balance between decentralization and centralization? For instance, say you’re a SaaS company present in 10 markets. Part of the marketing team could report to Country Managers while others could report to CMO (eg. in SEO for instance).

Anyway, I always appreciate reading your thoughts, thanks Nicolas!

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Oct 16, 2022Liked by Nicolas Bustamante

What's your opinion on the gold standard? Do you think countries could realistically use some kind of fixed/deflationary currency?

SF gets a lot of bad publicity online about poverty and crimes. What's your perspective as someone living there?

Do you see the transhumanist movement as a good thing?

What do you think about UBI philosophically? A way to free people from basic needs and allowing them to take more risks? Or would it make people too dependent on the state?

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Would you consider being a solo-founder?

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Nice initiative ! I'm curious to know more about digital minimalism since I'm already practising physical minimalism and going towards more mindful product management :)

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As you're looking to create a business, would love to hear your framework / how you approach the topic (pain / TAM / competition / etc.)

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Would love to have your thoughts Nicolas about some of those :

Imagine you start a new company - What would you do in order to help a new tech product being adopted by the market ? What did you learn with Doctrine ?

What were your strong beliefs at the time you started Doctrine that become reality ?

What do you believe right now that almost nobody agrees with you on ?

How do you identify where to focus your efforts?

What questions are you asking yourself right now that you don't yet have the answers to but you know it would be a game-changer if you had the answers?

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What is your opinion about startup studios? ( eFounders)

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Nov 23, 2022·edited Nov 23, 2022

Will you pre-seed / seed fund your next project yourself, or will you look for external fundings?

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