So you are saying you should be value-investing EVEN during inflation?! ;)

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"That's why inflation is a disgusting tax; it steals the poorer who cannot raise their wage while promoting the rich." => I am skeptical about this argument. If you can't get a raise of 2% in a 2% inflation country, it probably means that the market value of your work is actually falling by 2% (or more) in real terms. A 2% inflation is actually just "helping" your company lower your salary by 2% if the market value of your work has fallen by 2% or more.

I imagine that in a 0%-inflation world, companies would find another way to adjust salaries down, perhaps by laying off all the "overpaid" people once in a while and replacing them with new people who would be forced to accept the lower market salary. Or it would just hire less people, leading to higher unemployment.

In the end, if my reasoning is right, the only people who really loose from inflation are those hoarding cash. Of course I'm assuming here an inflation rate with small variations and lower than 5%. If inflation has very strong variations indeed it leads to a whole set of problems linked to uncertainty for the market agents.

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