Reading the Oversight Board Charter, it's striking that "freedom of speech" is not only redefined, but policed: "internet services have a responsibility to set standards for what is and is not acceptable to share on their platforms." (https://www.oversightboard.com/governance/)

If Facebook were treated as a Sovereign, instituting their own ruling on their cyberspace territory, constitutional rights are a fundamental element of the Charter. Current standards may lead towards an Orwellian future though, leveraging a digital panopticon of advanced surveillance.

Further to this, Facebook's AI content recommendation undeniably influence their users' preferences based on their social graph. Users not only can, but have been influenced by this system in the past. An omnipresent and all-powerful Sovereign of Cyberspace is rising. To your point, control of capital flows by minting its own currency is not only the next logical phase, but almost inevitable.

Now I wonder: how will Sovereigns in the Cyberspace, such as Facebook, enforce their rules with a diminishing return on violence? Their control may be harder to retain over time as digital citizens are quite mobile, to say the least.

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